Blackburns 2011

The Dayton Playhouse hosted its annual Blackburn Awards event on Sunday, September 18, from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. This year we recognized the 2010-2011 season as voted on by our patrons. We sold over 7,000 tickets this past season, and we thank all of our performers and tech crew for an amazing year. Entertainment for the evening was provided by portions of our casts from The Producers, La Cage Aux Folles and Putnam County Spelling Bee and they were accompanied by the always amazing Raymonde Rougier. Scratch was our caterer, who did a delicious job, and our wine bar was well stocked by Jerardi’s Little Store.

Blackburn Awards


  • Direction of a Play—Matthew Smith (WIT)
  • Lighting Design—Anita Bachmann (WIT)
  • Lead Actor in a play—David Williamson (Bill W. & Dr. Bob)
  • Lead Actress in a play—Barbara Coriell (WIT)
  • Lead Actress in a play—Jennie Yeaman (Christmas Bells)
  • Supporting Actress in a play—Ellen Finch (Beyond Therapy)
  • Supporting Actor in a play—Chuck Larkowski (WIT)
  • Supporting Actor in a play—Jeff Campbell (Christmas Bells)
  • Ensemble Cast of a play—Bill W. & Dr. Bob


  • Direction of a Musical—Chris Harmon (The Producers)
  • Musical Direction—Ron Kindel (The Producers)
  • Vocal Direction – Errik Hood (Putnam County Spelling Bee)
  • Light Design—Anita Bachmann (The Producers)
  • Sound Design—Anthony Fende (The Producers)
  • Choreography—Annette Looper (The Producers)
  • Set Design—Chris Harmon (The Producers)
  • Costume Design—Erin Winslow (Putnam County Spelling Bee)
  • Lead Actress in a musical—Danika Haffenden (The Producers)
  • Lead Actor in a musical—Saul Caplan (The Producers)
  • Lead Actor in a musical—David Sherman (The Producers)
  • Lead Actor in a musical—Richard Croskey (La Cage)
  • Supporting Actress in a musical—Charity Farrell (Putnam County Spelling Bee)
  • Supporting Actor in a musical—Charles Larkowski (The Producers)
  • Ensemble Cast of a musical—The Producers


  • Nick Moberg – Volunteer of the Year
  • Matthew Smith – Chairman’s Award for Service
  • Deb McNeff – Lifetime Membership

Certificates of Merit


  • Direction of a Play—Dodie Lockwood (Bill W. & Dr. Bob)
  • Lighting Design—John Falkenbach (Bill W. & Dr. Bob)
  • Lead Actor in a play—Geoff Burkman (Bill W. & Dr. Bob)
  • Lead Actress in a play—Amy Brooks (Beyond Therapy)
  • Lead Actress in a play – Cassandra Engber (Die Mommy Die)
  • Lead Actress in a play—Elaine Smith (Christmas Bells)
  • Supporting Actor in a play—Jonathan Berry (WIT)
  • Supporting Actor in a play—Matthew Smith (Christmas Bells)
  • Supporting Actress in a play—Pam McGinnis (Bill W. & Dr. Bob)
  • Ensemble Cast of a Play—WIT


  • Direction of a Musical—Natalie Houliston (Putnam County Spelling Bee)
  • Musical Direction—Joe Whatley (Putnam County Spelling Bee)
  • Lighting Design—John Findley (Putnam County Spelling Bee)
  • Choreography—Erika Hamilton (Putnam County Spelling Bee)
  • Set Design—Chris Harmon (La Cage)
  • Costume Design—Josh Hollister (The Producers)
  • Lead Actress in a musical—Corinne Derusha (Putnam County Spelling Bee)
  • Lead Actor in a musical—Michael Boyd (La Cage)
  • Supporting Actress in a musical—Terry Lupp (The Producers)
  • Supporting Actress in a musical—Lindsay Sherman (Putnam County Spelling Bee)
  • Supporting Actress in a musical-=Hannah Berry (Putnam County Spelling Bee)
  • Supporting Actor in a musical—Jonathan Berry (The Producers)
  • Supporting Actor in a musical—Erik Hood (Putnam County Spelling Bee)
  • Supporting Actor in a musical—Matthew Smith (Putnam County Spelling Bee)
  • Ensemble Cast of a Musical—Putnam County Spelling Bee