Director Submissions

Procedure: Interested directors must submit a Director Submissions Form including up to six plays/musicals, which they believe the Dayton Playhouse should consider for our 60th (2018-2019) season. Please include the name of the show, version (if there is more than one available), author, publisher that controls the rights, synopsis, cast requirements, and any information that you believe will aid the evaluation. Please attach a theatrical (primarily directing) resume. You must include a valid email, or the form will not send us any data.
Process: Submissions will be reviewed by the all-volunteer Dayton Playhouse Artistic Committee. The committee will also consider other shows that are appropriate for our season separate from submissions. Please indicate if you might be interested in directing a show other than those you have submitted.
Selection: The Artistic Committee will submit a proposed season, along with possible alternatives, to the Dayton Playhouse Board of Directors. The Board makes the final season selection, based on audience appeal, artistic challenge, resources required and available. Since the Dayton Playhouse is an all-volunteer group, without outside support, focus will be on shows that will spark both patron and artist excitement.
Other Considerations: The committee is open to considering past FutureFest finalist plays. The Dayton Playhouse does not discourage diverse casting, or the submission of shows with minority characters. Directors should be aware that other directors may also be submitting some of the plays on your list.

The Dayton Playhouse Board appreciates the time, willingness and effort of all directors who offer submissions. Submissions are open now, and will close on October 27, 2017. It will be the goal of those involved to select a season by February 1, 2018. All directors who have submitted will be notified of the status of their submission by that date. For additional information, you may call 937-241-6009 or email to

PLEASE PROVIDE A RESUME and include a list of plays/musicals that you have directed, starting with the most recent.

NOTE: You must include a valid email address or the form will not send us any data.