FutureFest 2011

ff2011Our Finalists:

  • Drawing Room – Mark Eisman
  • Roosevelt’s Ghost – Michael Feely
  • The Haven – Richard Etchison
  • Allegro Con Brio – Nelson Sheeley
  • Jinxed – Stacey Luftig
  • A Woman on the Cusp – Carl L. Williams

And the winner is….


Congratulations to Stacey Luftig, winner of FutureFest 2011!
Our audience favorite was a three way tie this year, with three plays within one to two votes of each other:
  • Jinxed by Stacey Luftig
  • The Haven by Richard Etchison
  • Roosevelt’s Ghost by Michael Feely

Thank YOU

We would like to thank everyone who worked a show, or who came out to see us, you helped make this a wonderful 21st season for us! FutureFest continues because of your support, there is nothing like it at the community level anywhere and we’re proud of it, and proud to serve you as a community. Everyone of you deserves a round of applause.

We also thank you for putting up with our terrible AC problems during a record breaking hot Dayton summer. We’re working on it to have the problem fixed for next year. If you’d like to help us out, consider a donation to the Dayton Playhouse.