Abie’s Irish Rose

by Anne Nichols

Directed by Richard Brock

abieFriday Oct 14, 2011 – Sunday Oct 23, 2011
Abe “Abie” Levy, brings home as his bride Rosemary Murphy, whom he met in France during the war. To appease his father, Abie introduces Rosemary as “Rosie Murphyski”. Papa Levy is fooled until Rosie’s father, Patrick Murphy, arrives. A comic war erupts. Abie and Rose, having been married by a Methodist minister, are married again by a rabbi to please Papa, and a third time by a Catholic priest to satisfy the Irish contingent. Will the birth of twins bring peace to the family or add to the insanity?Samuel French


  • Abie Levy–Mark McCausland
  • Rose Mary Murphy–Danielle Delorme
  • Solomon Murphy–Jamie McQuinn
  • Patrick Murphy–Craig Smith
  • Father Whalen–Rick Flynn
  • Rabbi Samuels–Richard Young
  • Mrs. Cohen–Terry Larson
  • Mr. Cohen–Jon Horowitz


  • Assistant Director – Nancy Campbell
  • Stage Manager – Rob Lane
  • Set Design – Bruce Brown
  • Sound Design – Bob Kovach
  • Light Design – Anita Bachmann
  • Costume Designer – Carol Finley
  • Props – Ashley Lane


  • Marriot Dayton
  • Culture Works
  • Ohio Arts Council

Special Thanks:

  • Ohio Arts Council
  • Culture Works
  • Terry Morris and the Dayton Daily News
  • Russell Florence, Jr. and DaytonMostMetro.com
  • Brian Sharp and the Dayton City Paper
  • Dr. Burt Saidel and the Oakwood Register

A Special Thanks!

  • Jennifer Lockwood
  • Nick Moberg
  • Deb McNeff
  • The Dayton Playhouse Board of Trustees