Book, Music & Lyrics by Dan Goggin

Directed by Greg Smith

nunsenseFeb 3, 2012 – Feb 19, 2012
“Nunsense” is a hilarious talent show staged by five survivors of the Little Sisters of Hoboken nunnery. The rest of the sisters have succumbed to botulism after eating vichyssoise prepared by Sister Julia, Child of God. The remaining sisters parade their talents at a variety show staged to raise funds, so that the last four of the dearly departed can be buried. “Nunsense” offers a cornucopia of hilarity for the whole family, proving conclusively that nun rhymes with fun!Samuel French


Mother Superior Tina McPhearson
Sister Mary Hubert Ellen Finch
Sister Robert Ann Amy Askins
Sister Mary Amnesia Sherri Sutter
Sister Mary Leo Kelli Locker


Musical Director Nancy Perrin
Choreographer Kristin Sutter
Stage Manager Scott Knisley
Lights Anita Bachmann
Sound Bob Kovach
Costumes Carol Finely
Drums Dan Hall
Piano Dr. Mary Fahrenbruck
Ed Ewing Woodwinds
Light board operator Doug Patton
Spotlight operator Alex Brundrett

Special Thanks

The Dayton Theater Guild